Screwtape (thristian) wrote,

On choosing a camera, part deux

After a couple of weeks reviewing specs and review sites, I’d pretty much decided I wanted to buy the Nikon D3000, mostly for its superior kit lens and the broader range of cheap lenses. The only problem was that being a very new camera, nobody had actually reviewed it yet, so I sat down to wait for some reviews - just to be sure.

Well, the first review is out: “It’s a good camera all by itself, but it’s the worst DSLR Nikon has ever made.”

This being Ken Rockwell, I’m not entirely sure how seriously to take his criticism - I mean, his main beef seems to be that the D3000 has a noisier sensor than his cherished (obsolete, unavailable in Australia) D40, which is only 6MP rather than 10, and hence this is an unsurprising result. Also, the D3000 has exactly the same sensor as the D40X and D60 which preceded it, yet Ken doesn’t compare the D3000 to either of them.

All that said, I’ve mentally downgraded the D3000 from ‘probably’ to ‘maybe’.

Meanwhile, I visited a camera store last week to judge the general weight of each camera - since I plan on carrying it about a lot. Turns out the D5000 isn’t as prohibitively heavy as I’d feared - even with card, battery and lens. The D5000 is more expensive, but not out of my budget, and it has a much, much nicer sensor than the D3000 - so I’ve mentally upgraded the D5000 from ‘no’ to ‘maybe’.

And now I’m stuck between these two cameras, with little reason to choose one over the other. Meanwhile, I’m walking around with my little DSi camera, shaking my fists at the heavens and growling with frustration at all the wonderful shots I could take if only I had access to telephoto, or depth-of-field control, or higher-res images for cropping...

I’m tempted to just buy the D5000, so I can’t use the ‘poor tools’ excuse for all the bad shots I take. Money gets replenished every payday, but nagging buyers’ remorse is forever.

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