Screwtape (thristian) wrote,

Photography News

I’ve been quiet lately - for a while I’ve been keeping to my schedule of posting a new photo to Flickr every day (although I’ve enough backlog that I haven’t been taking photos every day), but that discipline hit a snag this evening:
You have a free Flickr account and have used 101% of your upload capacity for this calendar month
I guess normal service will resume on December 1st.

New gear!

On the equipment front, I recently got a Nikkor AF 50mm f/1.8, which has turned out to be awesome. Although it doesn’t auto-focus on my camera-body, the assisted manual-focussing works pretty well, and I’ve gotten some lovely shots out of it. More uploads when I can!

Critique and learning

I came across a link to Zack Arias’ photography critique videos recently, and I’ve watched all but one of them (which is sitting in my Downloads directory waiting for me to have a spare hour). They’re mostly intended for people trying to break into professional photography, and often he talks more about presentation and portfolio selection and marketing than technique, but they’ve inspired me to think more about what I’m actually trying to do with this hobby.

Things I’ve decided:
  • I don’t want to become a pro photographer. It sounds like the music industry, where you can do well if you want it bad enough, and frankly I don’t want it bad enough - I already have a full time job doing something I more or less love.
  • Even if I did become a pro photographer, it’s pretty unlikely that anyone would want to pay me regularly for the kinds of goofy pictures I take.
  • I don’t think I’ll become an art photographer - I don’t have the contacts to get into exhibitions, I don’t think I have enough shots in the ‘awesome’ category to be worth anyone’s while.
  • I do want to keep going with this hobby - it’s so much the opposite of what I do at work, and I get a tremendous kick out of seeing shapes, colours and patterns that other people just walk right past. I want to practice, I want to sharpen my skills, I want to shoot pictures that make people say ‘wow’ even if the only person who ever sees them is me.
Anyone who wants to tell me what I’m doing wrong or what I could be doing better, be my guest. :)

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