Screwtape (thristian) wrote,

Lazyweb: Looking for a server PC

I have two computers; one is plugged into my nice monitor and keyboard, and runs my games and web-browsing and general mucking about, the other is headless and sits quietly in a corner, looking after my long-running communication needs: email, IRC, long-running downloads, etc. The idea is that I can mess around with my main PC as much as I like, and when it crashes or needs re-installing, I haven’t interrupted anything important. Unfortunately, the other day I got a warning that my server’s hard-drive is beginning to wear out, so I’m thinking about replacements.
Option 1: buy a new IDE drive
Unfortunately, my server is so old that it won’t talk to hard-drives over 137GB, and the smallest IDE drives I can find are 160GB. I guess it would just use the first 137GB and ignore the rest, but it seems a waste.
Option 2: buy a SATA drive and adapter
I could buy a new SATA drive and a PCI SATA adapter (assuming I can find them in stock somewhere) for about the same price as an equivalently-sized IDE drive, and I think I’d be able to use all the space, no problems
Option 3: Buy a new computer
The server I have I built from parts I got for free, which means it’s very, very old and probably uses way more power than strictly necessary. If there’s any low-power, low-profile systems I can install Debian onto and plug in a reasonable hard-drive, I think that might be a better overall investment.
So, Lazyweb - anyone have any experience, hints or suggestions?

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