Screwtape (thristian) wrote,

So, 22:15 and I just got home. I left work about 19:30 or so (got to work late, gotta do my hours) and on a whim, instead of taking the most direct route to the train station, I just started walking south. Pretty soon, I caught a glimpse of the Sydney skyline in the distance, neon blaring, and decided I needed to check it out, so I kept walking.

Turns out, I was walking down Blues Point Road, which goes to Blues Point Reserve, which is directly facing the Harbour Bridge. When I arrived the sun had set, and I had the most gorgeous panoramic view of the harbour and the skyscrapers and the bright lights; I spent ages experimenting, trying to see how long an exposure I could take without visible camera shake (it just occurs to me I didn’t try curling up in the foetal position, or resting the camera on the back of a park bench or something... things to try for next time!) I followed the road around a bit, and wound up with another gorgeous vista of Milson’s Point and Luna Park.

Then I had to turn around and come home.

The thought occurs to me that unless something truly spectacular shows up when I import the photos later, probably none of these pictures will ever leave my hard-drive. As much as it was a novel and exciting experience for me, the world is already quite sufficiently full of skyline-at-night photos, and I doubt I’ll have anything new or interesting to say on the topic. It’s a bit sad, but I guess even if this evening hasn’t contributed to my personal development as a photographer, it’s still helped my personal development as not-completely-boring person, and that’s something to savour.

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